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Monday, November 07, 2005

Librarians = Better Drivers?

Take a gander at these charts from an MSN Money article.

 Occupations that get the speeding tickets -- and those that don’t
Top 5 occupations Ticket rate*Bottom 5 occupations Ticket rate
1. Student8836. Teacher/professor30
2. Enlisted military7837. Secretary/clerical27
3. Manual laborer7838. Law enforcement39
4. Politician7639. Librarian24
5. Architect7240. Homemaker21
*Average for all occupations was 45.
Note: Speeding tickets is a subset of moving violations.
Source: Quality Planning Corp.

And politicians, who ranked near the bottom for accidents, moved up to the top for citations:

 Occupations that get the most moving-violation citations
Top 5 occupationsCitation rate*Bottom 5 occupations Citation rate
1. Student12136. Firefighter39
2. Manual laborer11237. Secretary/clerical38
3. Architect10638. Librarian33
4. Enlisted military9939. Law enforcement32
5. Politician9740. Homemaker31
*Average for all occupations was 63.
Source: Quality Planning Corp.

"Homemakers, teachers, librarians and secretaries ranked near the bottom of all three lists. So, too, did law enforcement personnel. Cynics may argue that cops are giving each other “professional courtesies" -- not writing up violations, for example. But it just might be, given their training and the number of humans they see made into road pizza, that cops are more careful than the rest of us."

So there you have it. Next time someone asks you why you chose the field of librarianship as opposed to, say, engineering, you have a new reason: tell them you had a vested interest in the greater odds of keeping your number of speeding tickets and moving violations low.



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