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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hang on to your Hats, LOTR fans!

Now there's a musical in the works. I find it odd that they were unable to book any theatre in London, but evidently that sort of thing has to be booked farther in advance than I assumed.


No UK premiere for Rings musical

The producers behind the Lord of the Rings musical have abandoned plans to premiere the show in London because no suitable theatre was available.
The £11.5m show will make its debut in Toronto in March 2006, after it was found that all three West End theatres with sufficient capacity were booked.

The musical is not expected in London before December 2006.

Producer Kevin Wallace said it would be "worth waiting for". "It will be like nothing they have ever seen before."

"I know there will be a lot of disappointed British Tolkien fans who hoped to see the show in London, but we couldn't get a London theatre in time," added the British producer.

The world premiere of the stage musical, co-produced by Canadian theatrical impresarios David and Ed Mirvish, will take place at Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre next year.

Read more about it here


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