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"Oyarsa" for those who don't know, is the name of an archangel (or "god" with a little 'g') in C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy. I liked the character, so I stole the name. Who am I? I am a library science student in Illinois who has a variety of interests--too many to list! I have worked in libraries for five years and counting.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ok, ok, I admit it; I said "no movie related discussions"...

But, I was watching Fellowship of the Ring (the non extended edition) tonight and one of my fellow watchers said, upon seeing Galadriel "isn't that the evil freakout girl?"

I had to leave; it was too painful to stay.

So, to get this out of my system (and in case the person-watching-who-knows-nothing-about-Galadriel-happens to read this) I will be posting a discussion of the differences between Jackson's movies and the Lord of the Rings book (no people; it's not a trilogy; they split it into three volumes because of financial issues.)

However, as I surfed the net to cool down, I noticed that smarter Tolkienites than myself have already posted such things. I refer you to:

Fellowship of the Ring Vs. Books 1 & 2

Two Towers Vs. Books 3 & 4

Return of the King Vs. Books 5 & 6

For further changes, I advise you to take a peek at what the Nitpicker's Guide to the Lord of the Rings has to say.

Feel free to add your own rants, or disagree with anything I've posted. I will make this one provision: to dispute something; you must produce something in one of the books (something Tolkien wrote; or at least, something editted by Christopher Tolkien; not another critic) that supports your claim. (Don't you feel like you're back in English class? ;-) *grin*)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Long Time No Blog. (Brief book review)

Sorry for the long delay in blogging. I've been very busy with end of the semester assignments and such, but I have returned.

I recently bought a new Tolkien book today. It's called Untangling Tolkien by Michael W. Perry (ISBN: 1587420198) Basically, the author compiles a chronology and commentary for the Lord of the Rings. Like many other Tolkien books, there are some minor errors (for instance, Mr. Perry calls the wizards "valar"; they are actually "Istari". ) However, his ordering of the events of the Lord of the Rings and his detail are generally superb. I'd recommend this book for anyone's Tolkien collection.

If you want me to find it in a library near you, email me at tolkienlibrarian@hotmail.com and I will send you the information you'll need to find it.